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Aproch is an IT and computer consulting company. We provide custom software, networking, embedded systems, phone system, data processing and web design solutions with careful attention to our client's needs while offering efficient, creative solutions.

In today's challenging economic times, businesses of all types and sizes must be highly attuned to the ever changing competitive environment. They need to be able to collect better information, improve communications with vendors and clients alike and streamline business procedures to take advantage of the economies of scale. You can rest assured that this is more important than ever because your competition is doing just that. Information Technology tools will enable your company to do the same.

Aproch provides the necessary expertise to meet these challenges. From hardware diagnostics to system building and networking, we specialize in innovative solutions to particularly tricky IT issues. Where the bottom line is concerned, there aren't any small problems and we're here to help you address and solve them seamlessly.

Network Design

Your network is the backbone of your company and is likely the most critical component in your operation. A failure here can bring your business to a screeching halt. Consequently, it must be engineered mindful of your business needs and with an understanding of affordability. An ever changing landscape of system platforms, products and features makes it even more important to embrace a comprehensive approach to system analysis. At Aproch, we understand the cost benefit trade-offs associated with the myriad decisions available. Let us guide you through them and provide the vital information needed to make intelligent choices.


Proliferation of servers in the organization devastates IT budgets with increased hardware and power consumption. By employing Virtual Server Technologies (running multiple virtual servers on a single physical machine) initial costs are lowered, there is a quicker return on investment (ROI), a more efficient utilization of hardware, more flexibility in disaster recovery, lower energy costs and simplified server management. All of this is accomplished by virtue of the fact that virtual servers run operating systems and applications almost exactly as they would on a dedicated physical machine. Aproch's expertise with virtual server platforms and Virtual to Server (P2V) migration of your applications and data allows us to take full advantage of this technology as we design, install or improve your network.

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol technology (VoIP) is revolutionizing the telecommunications industry in a way not seen since the introduction of the Internet. Find out why this may be of interest to your company Read More...

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