Data Processing Solutions

3480.jpgTechnology, especially in the computer industry, is evolving at an ever increasing rate. The data storage capabilities of our computer systems also continue to grow and change. To better take advantage of modern, quicker hardware, businesses invariably upgrade their computer systems. Unhappily, subsequent to these updates, incompatibilities with their legacy data and brand new systems are often discovered.

Aproch offers several services that can help alleviate this problem by economically transferring the data from obsolete media or formats into a more usable and compatible form.

Data Processing

  • Data Conversions - Converting one data type/ format to another digital data format
  • Job Stream Conversions - Transform print documents into data formats
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Analysis

Data Recovery From Obsolete Formats

  • From Legacy Systems - Retrieving data from media encoded with obsolete formats
  • Converting obsolete data formats to a format readable on modern devices

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