Hardware Solutions

hetis.jpgAproch has supplied our customers with custom built computers and other hardware components for decades. As policy, we don't endorse specific manufacturers, but instead endeavor to procure exactly the right product for each application. We believe that providing our clients with carefully specified products at minimal mark-up is an important facet in the maintenance of customer confidence and loyalty.


Let us supply your next server - one that will be custom tailored to your company's individual requirements. We'll determine which OS is the most appropriate one. Should it be open source Linux or a variant of WindowsServer? Will it be rack mounted or stand-alone? How much RAM, how many and what CPUs will be used, RAID controller, hard drive capacity, network controllers? After the specifications are finalized, we'll ensure that your build has the performance and capabilities to do the job - now and in the foreseeable future. Our expertise in hardware and software allows us to deliver finely-tuned custom configurations at the lowest possible cost.

Computers and Workstations

Workstations designed by Aproch host a diverse range of technical, business and personal applications. Does your business need the performance of a high-end workstation running CAD or 3D animation applications? Maybe a simpler and lower-cost solution is required to efficiently run common business applications such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Word or Excel. Whatever the task at hand, Aproch workstations are ready to handle and enhance your computer related activities. As they are targeted to your specific needs, we'll deliver a superior, cost-effective solution.

Embedded Systems

Embedded devices are computers created to perform specific tasks. Executing a design for them is an art. At Aproch, we see limitless possibilities for these devices. Perhaps your company requires a thin client network appliance which serves as a terminal for a server side application, or an information display built into a network attached box. Unleash your imagination and let us implement an embedded design solution for your business. Read More...

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